Low milk supply? Will I be able to breastfeed?

Low milk supply? – Will I be able to breastfeed?

I’ve met a lot of pregnant women who are preparing to breastfeed, and a common question that they ask is related to leakage of milk in pregnancy.

Many have concerns that if they are not experiencing any leakage of milk before giving birth, then that shows that their body may not be able to produce the milk that is needed for their baby. This is in fact not true at all!

The first milk that your body produces is called colostrum which is a very concentrated, low volume milk, packed full of antibodies to protect your baby. This milk is produced in your body from the 16th week of pregnancy onwards, but many women never leak milk during pregnancy.

Even after the birth when colostrum is being produced in the first couple of days there may be no leakage of milk. I want to reassure you that this is NOT a sign that your baby isn’t getting any milk. 

Some women will never leak milk throughout their pregnancy or their whole breastfeeding journey. As long as there are other more reliable signs that your body is making milk and your baby is getting milk, then that’s absolutely fine.

Every woman has a different interplay of hormones, so leakage can be variable.

Some mothers will actually produce an oversupply of milk and have copious amounts of leaking, while others will not see any leakage at all but their baby is getting all the milk that he needs. 

Try not to compare your experience with other breastfeeding women, as it really isn’t a good indication of how well things are going.

Another point to note is that even if you have been leaking milk in pregnancy or during breastfeeding and then as the weeks have gone on you have noticed that there isn’t as much leakage (or none at all) then that’s also absolutely fine.

You and your baby are now in synchrony with each other in regards to supply and demand of milk and everything is settling down.

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