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Breastfeeding tips to help you reach your goals

Supportive infomation to help you overcome breastfeeding hurdles

Every mother should have the opportunity to breastfeed her baby if that is her wish.

We are passionate to help every mother reach a place where breastfeeding is a comfortable, enjoyable experience for both her and her baby. The Breastfeeding Companion has been created to provide FREE video-based breastfeeding tips and advice to help every mother in their journey.

We’re also certified by the NHS Information Standard, which means we’ve passed rigorous quality assurance, ensuring the advice we give is both accurate and backed up by research.

Breastfeeding Tips – our most popular videos

The Breastfeeding Companion is privately owned and is completely free. What’s more, we don’t make any money for the services we provide. Everything is self-funded.

And we’re more than just providing breastfeeding tips – everything is research based and supported by Jackie Hall, IBCLC, who has dedicated over a decade of her life in support of tens of thousands of women.

There are approximately 6 million babies born in countries across the world, where English is the primary language. Whilst it’s our long term desire to have our website translated into many languages (costs forbid this at the moment), we would certainly love to help those women amongst the six million, that choose to breastfeed – we know many of them will have problems.

How can you help? Simple – tell someone about this site.

Tell your midwife, tell your NCT class members, tell your health visitor, tell your friends in your support group. Share us on social media – all it takes is a click (see buttons below!)

Your continued support means the world to us. We appreciate every email we get, every like on Facebook, every re-tweet, and do drop us a line if you have the time.

Lastly, if you want to tell us about your experience with breastfeeding, as an encouragement to other mothers, we’d love you to share your story with us – and we’ll share it on this page and on our social media channels.

We all need encouragement, and many women have gone from struggles to success – let’s shout about it!

breastfeeding tips from the breastfeeding companion

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