Jackie Hall

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a mother of three children, all of whom were breastfed. For the last 20 years I have supported breastfeeding mothers. I obtained a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 1989 and have since worked for the NHS as a Registered Nurse, Specialist Community Practitioner (Health Visitor), and for the last eight years as an Infant Feeding Coordinator/Breastfeeding Specialist.

Working with thousands of breastfeeding mums, coupled with extensive training in breastfeeding issues has enabled me to gain a wealth of valuable experience in counselling pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in all aspects of their breastfeeding experience – at regular drop-ins, home visits and via telephone support.

As well as being a professional source of breastfeeding expertise within the NHS for health visiting teams, GPs and volunteer peer supporters, I regularly provide breastfeeding training, and have also had opportunity to provide breastfeeding training for health visiting students at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I have also been responsible for many years for the recruitment and training of breastfeeding women, enabling them to become mother-to-mother supporters. Additionally, my involvement with TAMBA has given me added experience in facilitating antenatal workshops for mums who are expecting twins or more.

From a personal point of view, after overcoming various hurdles during my own breastfeeding experience, I began to develop a passionate interest in this field, completing various BFI breastfeeding courses, including a ‘Train the trainer’ course, as well as a Lactation Specialist Course in Chicago, USA in 2008 and qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2009.

In a nut shell

My Experience in a nutshell…


  • Qualified IBCLC
  • Qualified RN and Specialist Community Practitioner
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Supported more than 10,000 women
  • Curently facilitate peer support training
  • Currently facilitating weekly breastfeeding drop-in’s
  • Currently facilitate staff training as infant feeding co-ordinator for NHS
  • Taught Health Visiting students for Manchester University
  • Taught antenatal workshops for TAMBA for mums expecting twins or more
  • Project lead for Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) in current NHS role

What is an IBCLC?

Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are health professionals that have many years of breastfeeding support experience, with a background in either midwifery, breastfeeding counselling, medicine or health visiting.
IBCLCs have successfully completed a 6 hour written examination at degree level and a substantial amount of breastfeeding counselling work during their training.

The exam includes all aspects of breastfeeding:

Anatomy & physiology, Endocrinology, Biochemistry,Nutrition, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Pathology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Drugs in breast milk, Allergies and breastfeeding, Research, Ethics and more…

IBCLCs are experts in breastfeeding and skilled in supporting parents with common and complex breastfeeding problems. They are registered and regulated by The International Board of Lactation Consultants Examiners. Always look for the IBCLC mark of excellence!

All information on this website is provided for educational purposes only. It is not considered to be a substitute for a thorough breastfeeding consultation with a qualified breastfeeding specialist or health care provider.

The Breastfeeding Companion supports the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes.

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