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The Breastfeeding Companion
is more than just a collection of videos collating 20 years of professional experience. It is a labour of love in a topic we are deeply passionate about.

Every effort has been made to ensure the information within is correct, is helpful to mothers and that the production is high quality. With that in mind, we really want it to fulfill the needs of breastfeeding mothers, and we truly value your views, comments and experiences.

The project is a continuous one, which means we will make continued improvements in both breadth and depth. However we are open to suggestions at every stage, so if you believe we can improve upon our vision and product, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


We can help if you are looking for a comment on something in the media in regard to breastfeeding. We can provide articles on a wide range of breastfeeding topics and are happy to do interviews.

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The Breastfeeding Companion is a registered charity. Charity number: 1195472