How much water should a breastfeeding mom drink?

Do I need to drink more fluids while breastfeeding?

ou are breastfeeding your baby, you may be really surprised to learn that you don’t actually have to drink extra water, or any other fluid for that matter, in order to make an adequate amount of milk for your baby.

What is important, however, is just to drink to thirst. So, whenever you feel thirsty (and you will feel thirsty when you’re breastfeeding, due to the action of oxytocin hormone) drinking to thirst is adequate.

I once came across a breastfeeding lady who believed she had to drink four litres of water per day, and she was really relieved to discover this wasn’t the case, and all she needed to do was to drink to thirst. It’s really interesting to discover that there are some studies that show that drinking too much water can actually reduce your supply. So the rule of the game is: drink to thirst.

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