The Breastfeeding Companion

A comprehensive video guide for your breastfeeding journey, providing
information & practical solutions to help you reach your goals

Expert IBCLC

Jackie has supported over 10,000 women with varied breastfeeding issues.

Problem Solving

With over 8 hours of video and 100+ topics to increase your knowledge and understanding of your breastfeeding journey.

Great Design

With a great search facility, easy design and related videos to hand, the answers you need are never far away.

Advice you can trust

More than just a qualified IBCLC, Jackie has over 20 years experience, having helped over 10,000 women and babies.You can be assured that she has the expertise to guide you through your breastfeeding issues, as well as providing trusted information to prevent hurdles too.


All advice is based upon current research, ensuring the optimum advice for both you and your baby.


Find your answers in one easy to use place, giving you instant reassurance and peace of mind.


As your baby grows so the problems you will face also change. Our videos guide you through your baby’s developmental stages, ensuring you can prepare for, and avoid, possible future breastfeeding hurdles.

Fabulous Everywhere

Wherever you are, whatever device you are using, The Breastfeeding Companion is built with your convenience in mind, and works wherever you need it.


Desktop, laptop or mobile – A perfect viewing experience no matter which device you are using.


Everything is categorised and a fantastic search facility ensures easy access to the right information.


As a qualified IBCLC, you can be assured of the quality of the information.


All video topics are research based, ensuring peace of mind for you and your baby.


Feel secure that whether desktop, tablet or mobile, the device you view the videos on will work flawlessly for you.


With easy to use sections and a precise search facility, you can get all the information you need quickly and easily.


Get reliable information and practical solutions any time of day or night.


As your baby develops, so the problems change. Get ahead of the game by being prepared for what comes next!


New videos are added regularly and existing videos will be updated as new research comes about.


We have an exciting roadmap for future product updates and new features to better engage and help all members.

The full list of videos

The Breastfeeding Companion covers various stages, from pregnancy to 12 months +

First 2 Weeks
  • What is skin to skin?
  • My baby is not latching at the breast! What can I do?
  • How to achieve comfortable breastfeeding
  • I have to pump my milk – what type of pump should I use?
  • How do I hand express?
  • How can I best position my baby for feeding?
  • My baby is latching but my nipples are sore /cracked
  • My baby is feeding frequently – Is this normal?
  • How long should a baby feed at each breast?
  • I have been encouraged to give formula to my baby as blood sugars are low/jaundiced/not latching – will this affect my supply?
  • My baby has jaundice – should I still be breastfeeding?
  • How can I know that my baby is getting enough milk?
  • My baby is not gaining adequate weight – how can I boost my supply?
  • My baby is falling asleep at the breast a lot
  • Can I give a bottle to my baby as well as the breast?
  • Do I have to offer both breasts at every feed?
  • My baby is feeding a lot at night as well as day
  • My baby seems to cough and splutter at the beginning of feeds and seems ‘windy’
2 Weeks to 3 Months
  • My baby is very fussy in the evening and seems unsettled
  • My baby has suddenly started feeding frequently, night and day? Do I have enough milk?
  • When should I expect my baby to get into a routine?
  • What is the Law regarding feeding out in public?
  • Are there any hints/tips for feeding out and about?
  • My baby has been diagnosed with a tongue-tie – will I still be able to breastfeed?
  • How can I know that my baby is getting enough milk?
  • My baby has very dry skin and explosive poos – could he be allergic to my breastmilk?
  • My baby is not gaining adequate weight – how can I boost my supply?
  • My baby falls asleep at the breast a lot and feeds are taking a long time
  • My baby has not had a dirty nappy for a few day – is this normal?
  • My baby pulls off the breast a lot and seems frustrated
  • My baby has been feeding frequently for a few days?
  • From about 3 or 4 weeks my baby appears uncomfortable and brings up milk after every feed, even after half an hour/hour after a feed
  • I want to start expressing my milk - will this affect my supply?
  • How do I store breastmilk and for how long?
  • Will my baby get confused if I offer a bottle as well as the breast?
  • My baby has started to get distracted while feeding and pulls off the breast, even after very short feeds?
  • My baby coughs/splutters/hiccoughs and pulls off the breast when feeding
  • My baby is gaining a lot of weight and seems unsettled/feeding frequently
  • Do I need to give my baby vitamins?
3 to 6 Months
6 to 12 Months
12 Months +
  • I’m still breastfeeding, but wish to gradually cut down – how do I do this?
  • What are the current recommendations regarding how long to breastfeed?
  • I wish to become pregnant but am still breastfeeding – will this affect my ability to get pregnant?
  • I am pregnant with my second child and am still breastfeeding my first – will I be able to feed both?
  • My toddler comes frequently to the breast for comfort – is this normal?
  • Does breastmilk still provide nutrition for my baby at this age?
  • I want to stop breastfeeding, but am finding this difficult! Any tips?
Common Hurdles
Everything Else

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