I have known Jackie through my volunteering role as a peer supporter with Surestart for 8 years.

I have gained invaluable evidence based knowledge, support and reassurance through the years from Jackie, through both my role as a breastfeeding peer supporter and a  breastfeeding mum.

Jackie’s wealth of knowledge and passion for helping parents make informed choices about feeding their babies has also inspired me to help other parents make informed choices and I am now a practitioner with the NCT and loving every minute of it!

Jo Stockton


In August 2016 I became a first-time mum to my beautiful baby boy, Jonah.

The incredible support I received from Jackie has helped me overcome feeding challenges I didn’t anticipate before Jonah was born and helped ease me into a precious nursing relationship with him.

In the first few weeks I struggled with a fussy feeder, Jackie showed me different techniques and ways to hold Jonah which helped massively with his reflux and made a huge difference to how I felt about feeding him.

With a gentle and relaxed approach she armed me with information and taught me so much about breastfeeding. Her advice, support and encouragement gave me confidence and has made feeding my baby such a joyful, relaxed experience that I treasure.

Jodie & Jonah

Proud mum

I have known Jackie since April 2013 when she trained me as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and subsequently I volunteered at one of the weekly drop ins that Jackie runs.

Jackie provides an incredible service in her role as infant feeding coordinator offering telephone support, home visits and breastfeeding support at the weekly drop ins. She is involved with training staff and volunteers and will always go the extra mile to provide any support that is needed.

Jackie has also worked with TAMBA, facilitating some of their Breastfeeding workshops in the North West.

Jackie is very passionate about her work and her knowledge combined with her calm and flexible approach ensures she has a hugely positive impact on all the people she offers her support to.

Helen Attrill

Mum of twins

Jackie trained me as a peer supporter approximately a year ago and since then I have watched her help many new mums with their breastfeeding struggles. Jackie is calm, knowledgeable and warm and she has a true passion for supporting breastfeeding.  She empowers mums and I have watched her turn their anxiety into confidence. I wish I had known her when I had my son.

Lorna Gumbs

Doula & Peer Supporter

I have known Jackie Hall for about five years and she is like a mentor to me. She facilitated my training to become a breastfeeding peer supporter; a role of which I am fiercely proud.

Watching Jackie put young mothers at ease during what can be the most stressful times of their babies’ young lives, filling them with confidence and hope that they can successfully feed their babies for as long as they want to, is an inspiration to me. The lady knows her stuff!!

Thank you Jackie for always being kind and patient towards me and all of the other mothers who come to you with their breastfeeding issues.

Rhea Pearse

I first met Jackie when I was in early pregnancy with my first child. The information she gave me prior to giving birth was invaluable. If it was not for all the information and support she provided before I had my baby, I don’t think I would have gone on to successfully breastfeed both my children to 12 months and beyond.

Jackie is a warm, caring professional who makes you feel at ease when talking to her. She has an abundance of knowledge around breastfeeding and all that is involved. She was and is a massive support to me and I can’t thank her enough for helping me through my breastfeeding journey.

Nicola & Edie

If someone had told me at the beginning that I would have successfully breast fed my little girl for a year I wouldn’t have believed them! There is absolutely no way it would have been possible without all the support and advice from Jackie. She was always so pragmatic, never judgemental and always knew exactly the right thing to say! Thank you Jackie xx

Jessica Maycock

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