The Breastfeeding Companion – Testimonials

This is a super resource. I’m a mother of five and I’ve learnt so much from this site. It has encouraged me to carry on. Thanks
Christina O'Connor

This website and the resources within it are so helpful for breastfeeding mums and supporting family. The videos, along with their transcripts, provide useful, easy to understand information 24/7. They have provided much-needed reassurance on various issues I’ve had, often during the early hours of the morning when there is no-one available to chat to. I would highly recommend this fabulous resource and look forward to seeing it develop further.
Charlotte Smith

In August 2016 I became a first-time mum to my beautiful baby boy, Jonah.

The incredible support I received from Jackie has helped me overcome feeding challenges I didn’t anticipate before Jonah was born and helped ease me into a precious nursing relationship with him.

In the first few weeks I struggled with a fussy feeder, Jackie showed me different techniques and ways to hold Jonah which helped massively with his reflux and made a huge difference to how I felt about feeding him.

With a gentle and relaxed approach she armed me with information and taught me so much about breastfeeding. Her advice, support and encouragement gave me confidence and has made feeding my baby such a joyful, relaxed experience that I treasure.

Jodie & Jonah

Proud mum

Amazing resource for myself and my wife. We have begun to learn so much from these very informative videos. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Nathan Hickey

Dad of 5

Jackie and I both went through the experience of breastfeeding our babies over the last 20 years, seven between us! Although we both experienced a variety of hurdles along the way, we somehow managed to muddle through, but without knowledge, really.

I qualified as a midwife in 2013 with a heart and passion to support breastfeeding women, and I have been able to tap into Jackie’s wealth of knowledge around lactation on many occasions. She has been and continues to be like a mentor to me, and is supporting me in my ongoing endeavours to become an IBCLC.

I am delighted Jackie has produced this website – may it be a blessing to many women and their families.

Heather Pearce


A highly informative and well put together set of resources that we as a family have shared with others to help them on their journey. Highly recommended.
Tim Butcher

Proud dad of 2 great lads

I met Jackie when my daughter was about two or three weeks old. My daughter Penelope was having difficulty latching on and I didn’t know how to help her or what to do.

My midwife had visited every other day to weigh Penelope and had given me one final chance, a five day period to feed, feed, feed and increase her weight. If my midwife wasn’t happy with the weight gain after the five days she had told me to have a bag packed as we would be sent back to hospital. I was desperate.

Thankfully a friend gave me Jackie’s number on ‘day one’ and I called her that afternoon. The very next day Jackie visited me in my home and spent two hours with me, giving advice and answering my many questions. On ‘day five’ when the midwife returned we were discharged from their care as Penelope had gained enough weight.

I am certain that we would have been admitted to hospital that day if it weren’t for Jackie, she and her vast amount of knowledge were invaluable to us. Two and a half years later our breastfeeding journey is continuing. Breastfeeding has meant so much to me and I can’t thank Jackie enough for enabling me to do it.

Ruth Phillips

Proud mum

The Breastfeeding Companion is a comprehensive resource for mothers. I breastfeed my three children and unfortunately, I encountered a different problem with each child, who knew something so natural could be so difficult. The site has so answers to so many questions all in the one place. It is brilliant.

Rosarie Walsh

Loving mum of 3

The videos (especially the transcripts as I could read them during night feeds!) were invaluable in the early weeks when I was trying to get to grips with breastfeeding.

If ever I had a question about breastfeeding I could always find a video to answer it!

Wai-Mun Lester

I really love your videos. As a birth doula, I’m often sending them to different clients of mine to help them with different issues postpartum.
Darby Morris

Sweet Bay Doula

If someone had told me at the beginning that I would have successfully breast fed my little girl for a year I wouldn’t have believed them! There is absolutely no way it would have been possible without all the support and advice.
Jessica Maycock

Proud mum

I have found the breastfeeding companion an invaluable tool throughout my breastfeeding journey with both of my boys. To be shown techniques and guidance through the videos has helped so much, and I have referred friends and family members to the website too.
Sophie Proudlove

Thanks for this site, friendly, reliable advice whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Fantastic that The Breastfeeding Companion is here to hopefully give many more mum’s this vital support and guidance.

Georgina Tollitt

Fantastic! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Samantha Wilson

Proud mum

Maura's review


I have utilized The Breastfeeding Companion for all of my Birth & Postpartum Doula clients. Now that I’m retired, my daughters get the benefit. It is always the first resource I recommend.

This site has been an invaluable resource for my breastfeeding journey. It’s a world of useful information but also feels so personal through Jackie’s fantastic videos. They’re a great support just when you need it!
Debbie Cowley

Emma and her baby
I found the videos & information on The Breastfeeding Companion invaluable when I started breastfeeding my newborn.

I encountered several issues at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey & the information provided helped me to identify them & provided possible solutions.

I am now 8 months in to my journey & still enjoying breastfeeding.  I would recommend The Breastfeeding Companion to all new mothers.

Emma Baker