Want to be in our book?

We’re writing our first book and we’d love a contribution from you 🙂  and you’ll receive a free copy of our Ebook when it launches later this year.

You can contribute in three ways:

1) Share your picture. We’d really love a picture of you with your baby – feeding, resting, playing – whatever you want!

2) Tell your story. It doesn’t matter how large or small (or when it was) – if you overcame a breastfeeding hurdle we’d love to hear and share your story.

3) Write something encouraging! If a breastfeeding mum is having a hard time it would be lovely for them to read some reassuring & kind words.



The Breastfeeding Companion Book - a happy baby boy

What’s going to be in the book?

The book will be a compilation of our current articles/topics – all updated, along with a number new articles.

We’ll also be adding case studles & words of encouragement from mothers themselves.